Development after all is a journey and not a destination. CORD, therefore has to go still further. Whatever it assigns for itself is basically committed in the light of the prevailing situation duly falling within the purview of its articulated vision and on the strength of its proven abilities and experiences in helping people towards prosperity. With this sense of determination, CORD wishes to embark on community based activities listed below :

To bring under the blanket of our concern every community in a state of socio-economic deprivation, build them into a powerful group through a process of organization and thus enable them emerge with a collective voice and force.

To emerge as a supportive organization to the Adivasi Movement Process initiated in South India and expand to the national level to ensure the collective strength of the indigenous people.

To facilitate implementation of the legislative measures in force relevant to local self government so as to ensure greater participation on the part of the marginalized minority at the grass-root level and specifically for the self-governance of the tribals according to their traditional systems, established rights, and socio-cultural distinctions .

To work for the achievement of economic self-reliance of the tribal communities helping them to settle to a sustainable agricultural economy as an alternative to their forfeited traditional systems, making the land holdings in their possession productive and conducive to ecological and environmental concerns.

To institute a Formal Education System compatible with the tribal culture and identity through Residential Schools with appropriate curriculum and in symbiotic relation to their traditional values and cultural aspirations.

To provide marketable skills to ensure a generation of employment and income, thus assisting the poor to become productive and saving the community from poverty.

To ensure greater participation on the part of women from all walks of life especially by empowering them to play a significant role in the power structure and thus secure them their rightful place in the community.

To operationalise training cum production units as well as field practice and demonstration plans in underdeveloped areas to bring about a sense of hope and confidence in the poor to enable them to participate in the production process.